Compassion Meditation: Is it possible to feel nothing about somebody?

One of my friend´s dad died a few days ago. I felt very bad because I knew her father, I met him a few months ago when she got married. He was such a nice man, elegant, very distinguished and classy… I was truly sad when she told me he was gone.

So, that night, I decided to meditate, and focus on compassion, practicing the #YogaMooc compassion meditation. The “people you love” part was amazing. I was thinking about my friend, sending her all my positive thoughts, my energy. A very powerful moment. The “people you have resentment against”  seemed also easy and I felt relieve after.

But the “people you don´t like or dislike” was just impossible. I tried to think about somebody I hardly know but even the man who packed my food at the grocery store a few days before was not neutral to me. It seems that at the very moment I meet/talk/see somebody I know if I like or dislike him/her. I am not judging, I hope it is not because I am a judgmental person, I just feel something for somebody very soon. Too soon?

And the true is I haven´t realized that before practicing this meditation.

I will now practice awareness every time I meet someone, to understand why I feel this way, where does it come from. I have no idea if someone else feels this way but it was something to me and I do want to figure it out.


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